2. How many times has this happened to you?

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  3. The satanic pupper has been practicing. Shaking his booty. Gaining dark powers. Using them to turn into a cat.

    This gif is a collaboration with the amazing cindysuen

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  4. Here’s another gif I made for Subway that they didn’t end up using.

    Unicorn with a hoagie horn.

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  5. Guys! Guys! GUYS!!!

    It’s finally here! The LoopdeLoop dance party! I’m so honored to have my dumb little dancing pupper included in this project alongside so many wonderful animations!

  6. 2 cool

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  7. Q: What does a ghost sound like when it throws up?

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  8. Enlightenment

  9. Self-Portrait with Allergies

  10. Star-nosed Moles can smell things underwater by blowing bubbles, and then breathing the bubbles back in.