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  2. oh look, it’s one of those horses with shit on their head.

  3. Hello, nerds.

  4. hey there, buddy

  5. Megahex by Simon Hanselmann ( girlmountain ) is my new favorite book of all time.

  6. Thanks, hoppip!

  7. Dog with Burger Eyes © 2014 Jason Clarke

  8. iwannabeyour-georgiarose:



    my anaconda dont

    don’t what????

    want none unless you got bunz hun


    oh ok


  9. digitalfaun said: Have you ever posted the first drawing of the creature you call ... *dramatic pause* ... Pupper? I love how you draw those dogs. I often link the pupnosis gif to my girlfriend when she asks me for a link to a recipe, news story, picture etc that we were discussing. Also, if you had a Pupper tag where it was like 100% Pupper all day every day, that'd be awesome.

    I try to keep them all under http://jasonclarke.tumblr.com/tagged/puppers

    I may have forgotten to tag a few, hopefully not. The first pupper gif I ever made is actually the first thing that comes up under that tag right now.

    Thanks for the ask! It’s pretty awesome to hear that my dumb dogs are a part of your life!

  10. iwannabeyour-georgiarose:

    my anaconda dont

    don’t what????

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